Hi There

I'm Liliane

Allround creative and founder of Soulful Stock.

When I was a little girl I loved drawing. I would look at all the scenarios in the house and draw it in my little sketchbook. Then I’d go to my dad and tell stories about each of the drawings.

It’s the same excitement I now get when I take photos. That curiosity and desire to capture what I see around me and the love for creating stories.

I’m fascinated by what visuals do to our brain and how they’re a shortcut to how we feel. You see a photo of food and it can make you hungry. You see a photo of a loved one who passed away, and it can make you cry. You see a photo of a beautiful sunrise and you feel grateful, blessed.

There’s no denying that what you visually show online has an effect on the person who sees it.

I see accounts of very smart, knowledgeable and dedicated women whose visual feed just doesn’t match their expertise. And I think they deserve better. They deserve to look good on social media, attract their ideal clients and grow their business. And ‘looking good’ doesn’t mean a perfectly curated grid. But their visuals should reflect the core of who they truly are and what their business is about, so that they can attract the people who need their help.

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Somebody is out there waiting for your product or service!

"Show Up Easily For The People You want To Help With A Soulful Stock Membership”

My mission

That’s why I made it my mission to help female business owners look good, feel confident and show up easily on social media. With simple resources that make it easier to be out there consistently for their audience. 

When I’m not out taking photos, catching up on styling and business courses or working on creating the best membership for you, you can find me on the couch with a blanket and a cup of coffee or tea, dancing and playing with my daughters, reading, napping 🙂 or hiking in nature.

How I Can Help You?

Soulful stock is a resource platform with natural looking photos that have meaning, depth and emotional resonance and that contribute to a more honest and diverse narrative of the world. And with a variety of other design and marketing resources in one place, you have everything you need to market your business online.

If you like what you’re reading, read on and find out how I can help you → 


How To Find Your Brand Voice

The first step to laying down a strong foundation for your brand. This is first module from our ‘Brand With Confidence’ course to get your started. 

Brand With Confidence

A self-paced video course that teaches you to design your brand, based on building a strong, magnetic brand personality and creating a corresponding brand experience.

Soulful Stock Membership

Build a soulful business through a visually attractive brand with soulful & natural imagery, graphics and other marketing resources designed to attract your ideal customer and grow your following.

Partnered Brands

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