Are you ready to create a brand with a magnetic personality that you’re proud to share and naturally attract your ideal clients?

Giving you the clarity you need, to eliminate self doubt and share your brand with confidence, so that your dream clients will naturally feel attracted to you.

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Imagine Your Brand is Person A

Imagine your brand is person A

She moves with confidence, exudes positivity and her energy is magnetic. When she speaks, she has a graceful but convincing voice, which makes you just hang on her lips waiting to hear more. It’s like she just gets you. People are naturally attracted to her charismatic presence and they can’t wait to work with her.

But instead, does your brand seem more like person B?

Person B seems more confused and hard to reach. Every time you meet up with her, she seems different and you’re not sure how to relate to her. She always seems stressed about all the work she needs to do, which makes her not really present with you. When she speaks, she sounds vague and inconsistent which makes her hard to trust.

Which Person would you rather work with?...Exactly!

Good branding has 3 important qualities.

Thats why I created...

A self-paced video course that teaches you to design your brand, based on building a strong, magnetic brand personality and creating a corresponding brand experience.

Create a brand that is aligned with your worth and expertise.

"Brand With Confidence" is for your if:

Master your brand, with this self-paced video course

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Here’s what you will learn inside the course:


In module one we’ll work on your brand foundation:

Start with the right foundation by (re)defining who you’re helping, what your mission statement and brand values are and why your business exists. We’ll dive deeper into your brand philosophy and you’ll find the tone of voice for your brand.

√ Have a brand that is aligned with what you stand for.


In module two we’ll design your visual brand:

We’ll connect your brand foundation to your visuals. You’ll choose a colour palette and three fonts that are aligned with your brand foundation. And you’ll create a simple logo. You’ll put it all together in your unique brand style guide, that you can reference to whenever you work on your branding.

√ Feel focused and directed with a visual strategy.


In module three you’ll figure out what type of images fit your brand the best:

I’ll show you how you can do a content shoot yourself, so you’ll have content for months at a time. And you’ll create your own photography vault, out of which you can pull out photos easily whenever you need it.

√ Save time and money.


In module 4 I’ll show you how you implement your brand strategy, which will make it easier to show up consistently and with confidence

√ Show up consistently and with confidence and get noticed.

+ you also get these bonuses

The Brand Launch Checklist everything you need to get done before launching your brand. In an easy step by step proccess.

All my best resources for free design tools and best places to find colors and fonts. 

You’ll get 10x brand style inspiration kits with curated color palletes and fonts.

By the end of the course you will:

Get Notified When The Course Opens

Meet Your Mentor

I’m Liliane and I’m a brand photographer and designer with 10+ years experience helping people bring their ideas to life through the power of photo and design.

But starting my entrepreneur journey with Soulful Stock, is where I learned most of the lessons around branding your online business. Suddenly, going from a 9-5 job to being an online entrepreneur I had to work on different aspects, of which showing up online was one of the biggest struggles for me. I dreaded posting on Instagram because I was unsure of my voice and my brand presence.

But as I got more grounded in my brand’s personality, I found my voice. And that’s when I finally started to grow my confidence to show up more often, enjoyed sharing my message and got in front of my ideal audience.

That’s why I’m here today, to share with you the same branding process that I went through, that helped me grow my confidence to show up online. I believe that you don’t have to be a pro-designer or photographer to build a brand you’re proud of. With this course you can have the clarity and confidence to build a brand that matches your worth and expertise, and help your ideal client.

Three Step Process

The key is to creating a brand that is aligned with your ideal audience, is to have a clear brand strategy. The following steps will help you do that, which I will go through in detail in the course.

Step 1 - Build Your Brand Foundation

Get clear on your purpose, vision and values in order to develop your brand philosophy.

Step 2 - Design Your Visual Brand

Connect your brand foundation to your visuals and put it together in a brand style guide

Step 3 - Choose your graphics and imagery

Find out what type of imagery fits your brand and learn to create content that is aligned with your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need extra tools for this course?

No. This course is created so that you don’t have to purchase any extra design tools. You can all do it with the free version of Canva. I would recommend upgrading to Canva pro though if you want to have more features.

Can I customise the templates?

Yes, they are made in Canva which are fully customizable.

Do I have lifetime access to this course ?

Yes! You have lifetime access to this course, including any future upgrades or additions.

What is your refund policy ?

I want you to be absolutely satisfied with your purchase. If you finish the first module and you still don’t think this course is what you need, I’ll refund the full payment.